SuperPlanet has been fairly prolific with game releases so far this year with both Evil Hunter Tycoon and Lucid Adventure releasing earlier this year. Now, they've released another idle RPG called Idle Guardians: Never Die, which you can download now for both iOS and Android.

The game will see players collecting and upgrading the titular Guardians who can have their power increased in several ways. The first is the usual levelling system you're likely familiar with if you've played any sort of idle RPG before. Meanwhile, the other method is through Dragon Stones which are obtained through Rebirth.

There are over 160 different guardians to choose from with your team being made up of 10. They will each have their own unique skills to consider when creating your squad so you'll want to look for synergies and a nice balance for the most effective team.

Given that this is an idle RPG, players can expect there to be a lot of grinding, though naturally this can be automated. In this case, you'll want to be upgrading your miners so they collect more gold, which can, in turn, be used to level up your Guardians.

There are a host of different modes to dive into once they've assembled their dream team. This includes endless stages, the Pyramid which offers greater rewards PVP and the Guardian's Creed area. Finally, there will also be the Dungeons which will provide daily quests to complete.

Idle Guardians: Never Die is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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