iD&D Company Spotlight: Level 99 Games

Posted by Ryan Wood on March 31st, 2011

Hello fellow RPGers. After a short hiatus, iD&D is back. This month we take a look at a company who is doing the right thing for RPG players throughout the genres, Level 99 Games. I caught up with the Supreme Overlord of Level 99 Games, Brad Talton, for a quick overview of his company.

Brad's basis for creating Level 99 Games came from his personal interest in the field of RPGs. "I created Level 99 Games with two ideas in mind: Expression and Immersion. The first is the idea that games are a form of personal expression. RPGs especially allow players to take the game and make it their own by adding content, creating characters, and planning their own adventures."

Immersion is found much more in their competitive titles, such as the companies recent release of Super Psychic Chibi Fighters 3. "...players want to become immersed in games that deepen and grow the more they are played and examined. For this reason, I try to create games with many layers of strategy."

Level 99 Games boasts an impressive library of tools and games for various interest levels. For iD&D, of course, we're especially interested in pen and paper titles. Below is a brief summary of the titles currently available from Brad and his company.

RPG Tools Series: RPG Treasure Box, RPG Spell Book, RPG Dungeon Room, RPG Character Generator
Level 99 Games has a growing series of procedural generators designed for use on the fly at the game table. Need a random dungeon, fun spell, or exotic treasure? Just whip out your iPhone or iPad and let these tools provide content with the touch of a button. Check out for Infinity Dungeon, a wacky dungeoneering game designed to utilize all 4 of the RPG Series titles. Infinity Dungeon is a free download.

Treasure Box

"Ok, we downed the boss. Turn to page 25. Roll 3 d10s, 2 d8s, 6 d4s, add those together, divide by the square root of pie, and then we know which table to roll from next." Sound familiar? It doesn't have to. With Treasure Box, all your spoils are only a click away.

Spell Book

A random spell generator that provides something new each time it's used. Users beware, results may not be ideal.

Dungeon Room

Everyone has that guy in his group who just doesn't have the imagination necessary to come up with vast exciting and detailed dungeons that really immerse the player into the world. If you think you don't have one, you might want to do some personal reflection.

In any case, Dungeon Room makes it easy. With the click of a button Dungeon Masters are provided with dungeon rooms complete with traps, treasure, and encounters. For the beginner and advanced user alike.

Character Generator

Lets face it, creating characters can get old, especially in an urban environment. With Character Generator, not only can you populate cities in minutes, but you can save them and add notes along the way to provide a more realistic and fluid story complete with character development. Steven Spielberg watch out.

RPG Cartographer

Cartographer is a mapping application which is built around the concept of maps as a collage, rather than a series of tiles. The app's high-resolution graphics can create stunning maps with ease, and export them to printable PNGs on your device as well.

- Create maps on the iPad with ease using intuitive drag and drop controls designed specifically with a touch screen in mind!
- Complete design freedom! Use two finger touch controls to stretch, rotate, and move your map tiles without limitation. You're not just placing tiles on a grid anymore!
- Create massive 40x40 inch maps!
- Square Grid and Hex Grid overlays make Cartographer perfect for both RPGs and War Games!
- Over 500 unique map tiles to build with!
- Export your maps to images and download them to your computer!
- Share complete map files with other Cartographer users!
- Play directly off of the iPad with a vast array of over 550 player tokens, including fantasy, modern, and sci-fi sets!
- Republish your home-made maps in any formats you wish!

DM Tookit

DM Toolkit is a constantly updated and maintained toolbox that replaces sourcebooks, dice, charts, and initiative sheets for a game master. DM Toolkit contains a series of widgets to be used at the gaming table, and handy tools for sorting your game resources, and even managing multiple campaigns!

DM Toolkit provides a much more universal application versus the RPG series titles, which have a much more specific use. Applying DM Toolkit to a game is simple and effective.

- Modify traps, treasures, gear, characters, monsters, and more from your handheld device.
- Use Dice Box, Crib Sheets, Scratch Pad, and Initiative Tracker tools, all without leaving the app!
- Content Generation. Randomly generate stats, skills, classes, physical characteristics, monsters, and more with ease as you play.
- Universal Applicability. Download additional game templates to support more RPG systems, or create your own templates for specific and niche RPGs--with these powerful tools, DM Toolkit can be easily modified to support any RPG!
- Easily reference and cross-reference your data to build encounters and dungeons, as well as outfit player characters.
- Keep notes, add pictures, and completely customize your resources.
- Preloaded with DnD 4th Edition templates, for quick startup.
- Template system allows users to add new and original game systems to the app.
- Download free templates for additional game systems, or download free libraries of user-created content to expand your existing games*.
- Export your creations to share them with other DM Toolkit users from around the world!
- Universal application runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, AND iPad.

Thanks for checking out this months iD&D company profile of Level 99 Games. The RPG community is better for the hard work that people like Brad do for us each and every day. Check out one of the various titles offered by Level 99 Games today!

RPG Treasure Box

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-10-13 :: Category: Game


RPG SpellBook

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-11-03 :: Category: Game


RPG Dungeon Room

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-10-14 :: Category: Game


RPG Character Generator

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-03-23 :: Category: Game


RPG Cartographer

iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2010-08-03 :: Category: Game


DM Toolkit

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-04-30 :: Category: Game


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