Wave Light Games has just revealed its latest release, Hyena Squad, a turn-based RPG set in a space station infested by gross aliens and the living dead. The announcement was first reported on by Touch Arcade.

Hyena Squad looks to take some of the best elements from the developer's earlier games – the layered combat, sense of place, and mobile-friendly design – and finetune the lot. You can expect 12 tricky combat missions to take on in total, with each serving up its own unique challenges to face and objectives to achieve.

As you progress, you'll level up your team and gradually acquire better weaponry with which to blast your foes to bits.

Some of the team's earlier games include the Demon's Rise series, Strike Team Hydra, and Shieldwall Chronicles. They're experts in tactical RPGs set across a range of settings, from fantasy worlds to gritty sci-fi.

All told, it sounds like another good time from Wave Light Games, and the low $1.99 price tag feels super generous. If you'd like to pre-order Hyena Squad ahead of its launch on September 9th, you can do so now over on the App Store. More info can be found on the developer's official site.

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