Human: Fall Flat has had two new levels added to the iOS and Android versions of the game today.

The first is called Thermal, a level created by Manuel “Swiety Krab” Nowak which has you stumbling through snowy peaks before reaching deep underground caverns which are brimming with gold. You can play with up to three friends online by interacting with the giant mining machines to help navigate the various caverns.

As for the second level, it’s called Factory and has you hauling heavy machinery across a series of chaotic conveyor belts, cogs and flames in search of an exit. This one was created by Tyler “Gotcha” Ehninger, and was chosen as a winner for the aesthetic and easter egg radios hidden throughout the level.

Both of these levels were originally released on the Steam version earlier this year but are now here for mobile players to enjoy. They were joint winners in Curve Digital’s 2019 Human Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop competition, where fans created and submitted in-game levels for a cash prize and the glory of having their stage added to the game. Both winners received $10,000 for the quality of the level design and their replayability.

This update is the first of many planned from the collaborative efforts of 505 Games, Curve Digital and No Brakes Games. The zany puzzle game will continue to be supported with a focus on celebrating the dedicated fanbase with more custom levels added later on.

Human: Fall Flat was originally released on mobile last year, after earlier releases on PC in 2016 and consoles in 2017. It’s a platform puzzler where you use physics to navigate a level by grabbing objects and climbing up ledges using the player character’s arms.

You can download Human: Fall Flat’s mobile version from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a premium game costing $4.99.

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