HTML5 Gains Ground on Flash

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 2nd, 2010

A new report from MeFeedia suggests that HTML5 is gaining ground on Flash, with 54 percent of all videos online supporting the format. This is substantial growth from even January of this year when only 10 percent of videos were compatible with HTML5. This announcement is great news for the iOS community seeing as how HTML5 is the format of choice for iDevices.

When the iPhone first debuted one of the major knocks against it was the fact that it didn't support Flash, the standard format for almost all online video. Detractors wondered how a separate format could ever hope to make inroads against a larger, more-established and entrenched rival, akin to Betamax taking on VHS. Then again, technology is filled with stories of new devices driving one format over another, and it appears this may be yet another example.

The survey claims that mobile phones are indeed the primary driver in the growth of HTML5, and that while Flash remains the dominant format in desktop environments, it's on the cusp of being overtaken in the mobile space. Just like how Sony's PS3 basically drove the sale of Blu-Rays until the format established a foothold, the iPhone has blazed a trail for HTML5 to create demand and help provide for more widespread adoption. As if iPhone users aren't smug enough already, here's another feather in their cap (we kid).

Really this is good news all around. Flash isn't going anywhere, and this is just a way for more videos to be easily available for more people. One of the terms used in the survey is that video is becoming "device agnostic," which is truly a welcome trend. Feel free to celebrate the news by watching videos for the rest of the day, your boss won't mind, after all you're just celebrating a happy period in human history.

[via MeFeedia]

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