A lot of video games have introduced players to some genuinely top-quality TCG minigames; Gwent from The Witcher, my personal favourite Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8, and Genius Invokation from Genshin Impact, who has just announced their first official international tournament series for 2023.

The series, called Astra Carnival: The Prince Cup, will take place in the second half of 2023, welcoming players from across the globe to take part in one of six regional championships, plus some select invitational tournaments, the battle it out for a share of $270,000, which isn’t bad for the inaugural prize.

This announcement shouldn't come as too much of a shock, given that HoYoverse has been pushing Genius Involation lately. The latest Genshin Impact updates have been adding cards hand over fist, have introduced two game modes, and there was even a whole in-game event around the TCG.

Earlier this year even, Genshin Impact authorised its Discord group, the Genshin Impact Tavern, to launch the first season of the Cat’s Tail Gathering GITCG Tournament. Taking charge of their own tournament series was the next logical step.

The top candidates from the Cat’s Tail community as well as a few wildcard competition winners will face off in the regional tournaments happening between June and September. Those players who advance to the quarter-finals and beyond will then compete live on the official AstraCarnival Twitter, Youtube, Twitch and TikTok channels.

Quite excitingly, anyone can now register their own non-official Genius Invocation TCG tournaments for players to practise in, with support and guidance available from HoYoverse. It’s a small gesture from the company, but one with a huge impact on fans, and it is always nice to see a developer happy to encourage fans.

Download Genshin Impact now from the App Store and Google Play to start your own Genius Invokation adventure, and if you already fancy yourself a master, why not sign up for the wildcard competitions yourself?

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