How to unlock better buildings in Build Away!

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on June 14th, 2016
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When you first start playing Build Away! - Idle City Builder, it isn't much different from other tap and swipe games that came before it. You collect coins often, decide when to spend them to make more coins faster, occasionally add another coin-generating location, and eventually end up with sums of virtual money that require scientific notation to properly track.

But Futureplay has added real builder elements to Build Away too, and while no one is going to be confusing it with SimCity,it behooves you to make sure your city has better buildings than the Old Shack and Street House you unlock within the first few minutes of gameplay.

It's just not obvious how you do it. Follow the steps below and you'll find yourself moving on up, as The Jeffersons theme song used to say, and you'll have your choice of more than just a deluxe apartment in the sky.

Get yourself some briefcases

The briefcase is like a portable bit of Christmas Day every time you open one. They come in three tiers: Normal, which you buy with coins; and Silver and Golden, both of which require gems. The difference between them is in the number and quality of the goodies inside.

Along with buying them, you can also earn free briefcases on occasion for things like watching ads and reaching advancement milestones for the buildings you already have. Regardless of how you get them, briefcases are the key to unlocking better buildings, especially of the rare and legendary variety. Tap the briefcase icon in the bottom-left corner to see your current options for acquiring one or to open one you've already earned.

Check out your building collection

From the briefcase screen, you can also see all of the buildings you've unlocked so far and which ones are still waiting for you to discover. The key is to tap the 'Building Collection' button on the right-hand side of the screen with the trophy icon.

Here you'll see all of the buildings in Build Away, split into tiers by rarity. At launch, there are just five rare and six legendary buildings, so you don't have too much work in front of you to unlock them all.

Find and replace

The buildings you get from briefcases don't just magically get thrown into your construction mix, as each city block in Build Away has its own default structure. Instead, it's up to you to find a building you'd like to replace and plunk down a new one in exchange.

You do that by tapping the ison with the heart sign in the bottom-left corner of the main screen. This brings up a screen showing all the city blocks you've unlocked so far, along with the amount of Love you'll earn by replacing the building in that spot. Note that each block only supports certain buildings, so while you will have some control over what goes where, there are some limitations on that power as well.

Even though Haddaway was never able to answer the question "What is Love?" back in the day, we can tell you that in Build Awayit grants permanent bonuses to your profits. Thus, getting better buildings not only makes your city look better, it helps your bottom line as well. Go forth and build, and you'll be raking it in even faster in no time.

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