How to succeed at Gummy Drop!

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 15th, 2016
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Candy Crush Saga isn’t the only game that’ll get you matching candies. There’s also Big Fish Games’s entertaining Gummy Drop!. Besides making you hunger for gumdrops, it’s also a fun way of playing through hundreds of Match-3 levels. You’re here for some tips and tricks to get the advantage though, right? Never fear for 148Apps has them!

Target the requirements

Each level has a different set of requirements that dictate if you complete the stage. Make sure you work towards these. Figure out what’s going to be the hardest thing to achieve and go for that first, followed by getting to those all-important (and tricky) corners.

Aim for the bottom

This is a fairly logical tip, but one that’s easy to forget when you’re caught up in the action. If you make matches close to the bottom of the screen, you’re much more likely to create a combo along the way. All those gumdrops above you need to go somewhere, right? Odds are you’ll create a cascading effect of combos and those points will come flying in. Don’t bother with the matches up the top, unless you have absolutely no other choice.

Get those bricks!

Bricks are used for building new structures, and you need those structures to progress to other sections of the game. Even if a level doesn’t require you to collect bricks, if you’ve got some spare moves, focus on picking them up. It’ll save you from returning to previously completed levels just to pick up some bricks.

Be sociable

Hook the game up to Facebook as soon as possible. While you’re at it, encourage some friends to join in (don’t spam though - that’s no fun for anyone), and you can spend plenty of time swapping free lives with each other. You can gain coins this way too, which can be handy.

Got some tips of your own on how to succeed at Gummy Drop!? Let us know in the comments!

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