Garena is all geared up for the release of the very first Free Fire animated series. Fans should get ready to plunge into the universe of Free Fire through captivating animation and a gripping tale.

Players will be able to experience the world of Free Fire through the eyes of the main character, Hayato Yagami in this series. The film will launch on 23rd April, depicting the story of Hayato as he navigates through life, searching for ways to overcome his inner struggles and barriers in his path.

The movie will showcase all the early battles that your favourite Free Fire heroes had. Apart from the movie, players will find some snippets of it in the battle royale game.

Free Fire Tales: Special Events to start from April 15th

To promote the new movie, Free Fire will be loaded with exclusive content. Starting from April 15th, players will get access to the in-game skin, Hayato House Exploration, and a new map as a part of the events.

The campaign will feature an in-game skin with thematic pieces, such as a movie trailer in Training Island, footprints left in Bermuda, a katana in Spawn Island, and many more. As the event has started, you can check out these exclusive sightings now.

Players can plunge into the Hayato House Exploring Web event simply by logging into the game today. There will be minigames, puzzles, comics, mysteries, and more as a part of the events. Fans of the Lone Wolf can venture into the Sci-Turf map and get a glimpse of Hayato’s world.

Free Fire always brings exciting content with every update it receives. It will be exciting to see how the movie’s content will be integrated with the game.

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