Questing for good, for the betterment of all mankind, has its place. Adventuring for fun and profit, though, is where it's at.

That's exactly the mindset you'll need to succeed at Adventure Company, the team-based action RPG from Foursaken Media. Yes, the same folks who brought you War Tortoisewould now like to take you to a more conventional type of warfare, if by conventional you mean 60 different character classes, a wide variety of different weapons and skills, and fantasy enemies of every kind.

To grab the biggest share of the spoils in Adventure Company, you'll need exactly the right team. Part of the formula for success is having the right mix of warriors at your command, as every class has its place, and having too many swordsmen will likely leave you wishing you had a farmer or archer in your squad.

But more than that, especially early in the game, triumph or defeat can largely be a question of numbers. How can you recruit more warriors faster? Read on and we'll fill you in on how to rally more troops to your cause.

Pony up some coin

Fittingly for a game about your own personal group of mercenaries, your chief method of recruitiing is simply to hire more bodies. Unlike many fantasy games, you don't even have to visit a pub to do it. Just hit the 'plus' symbol in the bottom-left corner of the main screen to go from viewing the characters you already have to ones that would like to join you.

Tapping on any warrior will bring up their profile, including name, class, stats, skills, and the number of coins it will cost to hire them.

On thing you'll quickly notice is that the prices vary wildly based on a character's experience and whether he or she has already moved up from Trainee to a more advanced class. As you continue to play, you'll see more variety on the recruiting list, but the cost will rise as well.

Bonus tip: Three of the choices in the 'Upgrades' menu can help you in recruiting. One option shows you more heroes, another reduces the cost of hiring by a certain percentage, and a third increases the chances of more experienced warriors showing up. Once you've earned some stars, utilize all three to grow your team faster.

Watch a video to refresh the recruits

The list of potential additions to your team refreshes every few hours. But who has time to wait?

No one, that's who. Adventure Company makes it easy to skip the wait by placing a big green button that says 'Refresh' right above the row of newbies. Tap it, take in a 30-second ad, and you'll see a brand new group of fresh faces just like that.

Is there a limit to how many times you can use this tactic in quick succession? Probably, but we haven't found it yet.

Just keep playing

Turns out the simplest way to increase the size of your company is to just keep grinding away and completing more levels. Every so often you'll be granted a new warrior as a reward (usually after boss battles, it seems), which is what we like to call a self-correcting problem.

Piece of cake, right? Follow these tips and your Adventure Company ranks will swell in no time. And if you've got any additional tips or tricks to recruit more warriors, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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