Stretch Dungeon, Nitrome’s latest, is an endless faller in a pretty pixelated package. While there are tons like it on the App Store these days, Stretch Dungeon's slick mastery of physics controls makes for great fun.

It is a bit of a challenge getting started, though. The game throws all sorts of spiky traps at your bearded protagonist, trying its best to keep you from escaping the oubliette. So what to do? Well, we here at 148Apps have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure that you keep the high scores rolling. Let’s begin, shall we?

Save up your gems
You’ll find that you collect gems as you descend into the dungeon’s dank depths. If you die, you have the option to trade in some of your treasure and revive yourself. Resist! If you die again, the price for revival goes up, and before you know it, you’re broke.

Instead, save up your gems, at least for a little while. When you don’t rely on revives, you have to practice more, meaning you’ll learn the game a lot better. One of the joys of Stretch Dungeon is that the gameplay is really fluid, meaning the slightest tap or timed bump can change your entire approach to an obstacle. You only learn these things by making mistakes!

If the time comes when you have a bunch of gems stocked up and you’re close to the end of stage, then by all means, spend your gems. Don’t forget you can also watch an ad one time per playthrough to revive for free.

Feeling particularly stingy? Save up a couple hundred gems, and once you unlock a new stage, you can come back directly to that stage after you die (in lieu of starting over) if you pay a hefty price.

Stretch your way out of a close call
Sometimes you’ll find yourself between a rock and a hard place (or I guess, in the case of Stretch Dungeon, a rock and a spiky place). Holding your finger on the screen, squeezing two rocks together, is the only thing keeping your little prisoner from tumbling to a pointy death.

All is not lost! Try stretching your way to a different platform. Quickly tap to stretch the walls, hopefully jostling the prisoner away from the trap. Quick movements prevent you from rolling right into a trap, and also give you a chance to bounce back from whence you came.

Don’t get distracted by treasure
Treasure abounds in these dungeons, but that doesn’t mean you should always go chasing it! Pots are pretty, and probably contain sparkly gems, but there’s also a chance they are hiding spiky traps. Is that a risk you’re willing to take? I didn’t think so.

Some gems are also in hard to reach spots that might lead to your death if you try to nab them. You’ll find plenty of gems on your way downward, so don’t put yourself in danger trying to catch every single gem along the way. Don’t be greedy!

One of the best things about Stretch Dungeon is just how rewarding it is. It’s tough, but you feel like you're continuously learning and getting better. It’s easy to see where things went wrong and how to do it better next time, but at the same time, the game is always throwing fresh challenges at your new escapee to keep things interesting.

These tips will get you off to a good start as you guide your fugitive through Stretch Dungeon’s treacherous environs.

Are you a master escape artist? Leave your own Stretch Dungeon tips in the comments below!

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