Tomb of the Mask is a super-quick arcade dasher with remarkably simple swipe controls. It's also fiendishly tough, and if it gets your claws into you there's a very good chance that about every third second of your life is going to be consumed by thoughts of it. Honestly, it's very addictive.

But while it's easy to get to grips with what the game has to offer, there's still plenty of scope to learn more. That's where this list comes in. With these handy hints and tips you're going to be getting the sort of highscores that are going to put all of your friends to shame.

We've put a good few hours into the game now, and we're pretty sure we know what we're talking about. If you've got your own suggestions though, make your voice heard in the comments. That way we can all be horribly addicted to a game we're quite good at. Sick.

Take your time

In the main mode it's always worth taking your time. Watch the patterns of your enemies, and see how the spikes and other obstacles in the level move. Striking at the right time can be the difference between getting to the end of the level and ending up dead. It's also a good way to make sure you're grabbing all the dots and stars on a level.

The right mask for the job

Make sure you've got the right headgear for the task you're trying to finish. Some masks only give you boosts and buffs in arcade mode, while others only work in the main mode. Check the description to ensure that you're getting the best out of the mask that you're wearing and you should see your scores and coin count going up.

Tomb of the Mask iOS guide screenshot - Arcade mode

Complete the challenges

Check the challenges the game sets you and finish them wherever you can. You'll be rewarded with coins, and you'll unlock new challenges, which will give you more coins. The more coins you get, the better placed you are to buy new masks when you reach the right level, and that's going to set you in good stead to keep progressing.

Play arcade mode

Where the main mode has an energy system, arcade mode doesn't. There are challenges you can only complete in this endless version of the game as well. Plus the arcade mode gives you a really good primer of the enemies and obstacles you're going to face in the later levels of the main game, so it's sort of like getting some free training as well as a bunch of coins.

Watch the videos

Whenever you get the chance to double your earnings, or keep pushing on through a section, make sure you take it. It might be a bit annoying having to sit through the videos, but getting more coins in your bank is the sort of gift horse you can't look in the mouth. More coins, more success, that's just the way of things these days.

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