How to get started with world dominance in Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Posted by Harry Slater on April 1st, 2016
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So you've finished the tutorial in Total War Battles: Kingdoms and you're sat staring at the map wondering what to do next. Well, fear not, because 148Apps has got some hints and tips right here for anyone who's just starting out.

The game can be a little bit confusing to start off with - especially if you're not used to massive strategy titles. But with these hints and tips you'll be building castles and knocking knights off their horses in no time.

Check your quests

These are the best ways to make sure you're progressing. The quest box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen is your best friend, and completing the tasks it sets you not only moves things along, but lets you get a better grip of what you're supposed to do.

Build your renown

This is tied in with the first tip. Building up your Lord Level opens up options that won't be available to you if you're a lower rank. You can take over territories by essentially asking nicely if you're strong enough. You don't need to focus on murdering people to rule the world, although it will help.


As the name suggests, Kingdoms is about building a kingdom so don't just focus on the small area you start in and expand. Explore the world around your home city and find the areas you can exploit as quickly as you can.

Always do something

Don't leave any of your people idle. Make sure your wood cutters are cutting wood, your farmers are harvesting, and your miners are mining. You're going to need a lot of resources as the game moves on, so ensuring you've got a pool of them at the start is going to help.

Even if you're just dipping into the game for a few minutes, collect your resources, set some tasks, and make sure everyone is being as productive as they can be.

Check the season

You might not notice it to start off with, but there's a dial near the top left of the screen that tells you what season you're in. Tap on it and you'll find out the different advantages and disadvantages that stem from the change in the time of year.

Different workers produce at different rates depending on whether it’s Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn, and various environmental effects will only occur in some of the seasons. Find out what’s getting a boost, what’s getting a debuff, and plan your strategy accordingly.

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