How to get stars faster in Six! -- and what you do with them

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on September 5th, 2016
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There's no more popular mobile game in all the land right now (if by all the land, you mean "the United States") than Six!The GramGames puzzler which is one part Tetris, one part Jenga, and one part it's own thing has captured the imagination of the casual crowd, leading to plenty and plenty of downloads.

It's simple enough that it doesn't need a ton of explanation. That's great for you, the player, yet something of a bummer for me, the explainer.

Does that mean we're done here? Perish the thought, friend. They haven't invented the mobile game yet about which I couldn't wax poetic in some (hopefully) helpful way, and when it comes to Six!that means two related questions: How can you rack up more stars faster, and what do you do with them once you have them?

Let's take those in order. Generally speaking, you get a star every time you reach another checkpoint in any level. The only exception is if you decide to watch a video at the beginning of a level, which smashes you down through multiple checkpoints but doesn't give you any stars.

You can also receive a number of stars just by watching a video from the main menu screen, which ranks as the best deal in the game. Easily.

As for what you do with those stars, that's simple: You go shopping. Six! might not seem like the type of game that has cosmetic items to purchase, but it actually does.

Specifically, you can buy different colored hexagons to use during gameplay. Simply tap on the shopping cart icon from the game's main screen, and off you go.

So far as we can tell, the hexagons don't actually affect gameplay in any way -- though it would be cool if they modified the physics in some manner. The earlier selections cost 30 stars each, meaning you can nab one just for watching a video in the early going, but they get progressively more expensive as you dive deeper into the store.

Collecting them all would take quite some time, but seeing as Six! is the hottest thing going on iOS right now, we wouldn't be surprised if some players are already well on their way to completing the set. The best part of this whole set-up is that simply continuing to play is all you need to do, so get out and get hunting down some stars.

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