Vulture Island is a colorful and quirky mish-mash of platforming and puzzles. It’s creative and fresh, but sometimes the game can throw a curveball at you, leaving you stuck as to how you should progress. These tips will help you explore smoothly should you have any trouble.

Keep a point-and-click frame of mind
Vulture Island plays very much like an old school platformer, but it draws inspiration from a bunch of different classic genres. There’s the usual jumping, and dodging, and throwing of pots, and falling to your death, but you’ll also find elements of point-and-click adventures thrown into the mix.

You’ll want to shift your approach to the game and think outside of the box. Try to think of how you would solve a particular puzzle if you were playing a game like, say, The Secret of Monkey Island. Found a bunch of bananas and you’re not sure what to do with them? Don’t toss them at monsters mindlessly. Maybe you should save them should you encounter a creature of the simian variety. Just saying.

Remember that this is not a linear game
Vulture Island turns your expectations backwards again with its clever level design. You’re not expected to play through the map in order. Some puzzles or secret areas are best saved for another time. It’s okay to hop all over the place and go back to old areas.

Save your coins for the end game
You can spend the coins you earn throughout your adventures at the shop, or you can save them, which is always a wise idea. End game progression relies heavily on your wallet, meaning if you don’t have some change stashed away, the game comes to a shuddering halt as you go back to farm more gold.

Vulture Island subverts your expectations about how the game should play, and that is it's major challenge. Let go of your expectations by following the tips above, and enjoy the ride.

Already uncovered all of Vulture Island’s secrets? Why not share some of your own helpful hints in the comments below.

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