Terraria has two kinds of bosses – the annoying ones that stick around for hours and the easy peasy ones that are farmed for drops. King Slime is one such boss that gets farmed for some precious drops.

King Slime is a pre-Hardmode boss that you might encounter in the Forest. This is a totally optional foe that you can choose to skip. But, in case you decide to go head-to-head with King Slime, here’s a boss guide.

Where to Find King Slime in Terraria

As we mentioned, King Slime is a totally optional boss. You don’t have to defeat it to move forward in the game. However, it will be smarter to farm King Slime for some amazing drops like the Slime gun, Slime hook, and much more.

Finding or summoning King Slime isn’t much of a task. There are three ways to encounter the boss:

1. The easiest way to summon King Slime is by crafting the Slime Crown. This can be done by combining 20 Gel and a Gold or Platinum Crown.

2. Destroy 150 Slime during the Slime Rain Event. If you’ve already defeated the boss before, then you only need to squash 75 Slime.

3. Sometimes, the King Slime spawns randomly. Especially, if you haven’t defeated the boss before, he is likely to spawn out of nowhere. You can try standing on some grass near the edge of the map.

How to Defeat King Slime in Terraria

Defeating King Slime is rather an easy job. In fact, in some older versions of Terraria, the boss was quite weak. However, with some buffs, the giant slime ball can actually teleport near you and deal some damage.
Nevertheless, King Slime is nothing to worry about. You just need the right weapons and armor to slay the boss.

Best Weapons and to Defeat King Slime

For this slimy boss, you might want to go for weapons that do piercing damage. This is because you have to aim at the boss and deflect the slime balls. Bows with some powerful arrows or Ball o' Hurt Flail will do the job.

In expert mode, a ranged weapon will be more useful. Here, the boss shoots spiked slimes instead of regular slimes. Regardless of the mode, shooting the slimes will give you mana and health.

Good luck with the slimy boss!

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