How to earn K-Gems in Kendall and Kylie

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 11th, 2016
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So, you’re hooked on Kendall and Kylie, right? And, you’ve learnt how to get to 1,000 followers fast, and you’ve learnt how to complete events more quickly. How about learning how important K-Gems are, and how best to acquire them? We give you some handy tips and tricks on just that.

What are K-Gems?
K-Gems are the premium currency in Kendall and Kylie. That means they’re harder to acquire than money or energy, but they’re also pretty useful. You can use them to cancel out the waiting times when you want to chat or flirt with other people. Those times can drag on, so they’re a handy way to skip ahead and get to the good stuff sooner.

You can also use them to buy extra energy, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you’re really desperate. It turns expensive fast.

The most satisfying way to gain more K-Gems
By unlocking achievements, you earn more K-Gems. The best part about this is that you should be pursuing such objectives anyhow. Some of them can take a while to complete, but it’s worth checking the list regularly to see what you can do.

One really easy method is to buy new clothes or accessories for your character. That tends to earn some simple achievements. Money’s generally easier to come by than any other currency too.

Complete the quests
There’s always something new to do here - a new quest to complete or task to complete for a new friend. Complete these as quickly as possible. When you get to a special event that involves you using up energy to complete activities, try your hardest to earn 4 or 5 stars. That way, you’ll gain even more K-Gems.

The quick method
You’ve got two options for easy K-Gems.

Make sure you connect to Facebook as soon as possible, for fast money and easy K-Gems.

Also, when you’re given an opportunity to spend some K-Gems and you don’t have enough, the game suggests watching a video clip to earn one. It’s tedious stuff, but it’s an easy way of earning those all-important K-Gems.

How do you earn K-Gems? Do you use a particular method? Let us know in the comments!

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