How to beat superbads in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Posted by Harry Slater on April 9th, 2016
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You've taken down a bunch of goons, knocked the teeth out of some mini-bosses, but now you're coming to the real meat of the Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 experience - the superbads.

They're tougher, they've got some sneaky moves, and if you're not careful they're going to wipe out your carefully crafted superhero team in no time flat.

And, quite frankly, that would be an embarrassment. That's why we've put together this guide to, er, guide you through the various hurdles you're going to come across in some of Marvel Avengers Alliance 2's tougher fights.

Be prepared

Being a successful hero is as much about what you do before the fight as what you do during. Make sure you use all of your iso-8 containers to strengthen your team before wading into a scrap.

They won't just give you xp-juices, they'll give you new moves that your characters can equip. You might get some tougher heroes too, which is no bad thing.

Consider your move set

When you've got a choice of moves, it's a great idea to look at what they do, and how the different actions your team can take will compliment one another. Make sure you've got at least one character with an attack that targets all of the enemies on screen - it's really useful to mop things up when you're getting to the end of a wave.

If you're teaming up with a character you haven't used before, read their move set before the fight starts as well, that way you're not going to be swinging in the dark.

Watch the timeline

Along the top of the screen is the battle order. This shows you when you're going to attack, and when your enemies are going to attack.

Each move you make shuffles this order around, but you can check where you'll end up in the list just by tapping a move - you don't have to make the move in order to see the outcome. Play clever and you'll be able to stay one step ahead of the opposition at all times.

Check the tasks

Some tasks can only be completed in certain situations, with certain heroes. You get decent rewards for finishing them, so it's always a good idea to check out what they are before you dive into a brawl.

You might finish one by accident, but being able to work them into your plans is a much better strategy. And on top of that, they're a really great way to level up your characters faster.

How are those superbads looking now? Let us know in the comments below!

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