Honkai Impact 3rd guide - What you need to know to get a head start in this anime brawler

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 30th, 2018
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Want a new beat em’ up on mobile? Look no further than Honkai Impact 3rd. This gorgeous anime brawler involves building teams of powerful Valkyries to take down some vicious, futuristic foes. If this sounds like you’re cup of tea, check out this guide to help get you started out on the right foot.

Know your enemy

Honkai Impact 3rd is kind of like Fire Emblem games in that there’s three types of heroes and enemies, with each type being strong or weak against another. In the case of Honkai, Mecha types are strong against Creature types, Creature types are strong against Psychic types, and Psychic types are strong against Mecha types.

In the heat of a battle, it might be hard to recognize enemies by type at first, but if you pay close attention, each enemy has a distinct color scheme that tells you their type. Use that to your advantage to make sure you’re using the right Valkyries against the right foes.

Complete every side objective on every mission

At the outset of Honkai, you start out with some very basic Valkyries, weapons, and other gear (known as “Stigmata”). In order to get more (and better) stuff though, you need to spend crystals—a premium currency—on loot boxes for a chance at new characters, weapons, and more.

In order to get enough crystals to make these pulls though, you’ll want to make sure that you’re completing every side objective on every mission you take on. Each of these mini-goals grants a bonus five crystals to you, so you can rack up quite a collection of crystals simply by putting in a little extra effort on each mission.

Train up

While we’re on the subject of crystals, you should know that there’s some pretty easy crystals to earn hidden away in Honkai’s Help Menu. If you click on the green helper icon in the lower right of the game’s main menu and select the “Academy” tab, there are missions hidden away here that can give you bonus crystals.

As an added bonus, these missions don’t cost any stamina and likely can teach you about additional systems that will help you be better at the missions in the main game. It’s a win-win situation. Make sure you take these on.

Nail your dodges early

A big mechanic in Honkai is dodging. After all, if you don’t get hit, you can’t die. What’s more is that dodging at the exact right moment can actually make the game start moving in slow motion so you can wail on enemies in a weakened and slower state.

The key to nailing Honkai’s dodge system is through listening and watching your enemies carefully. Most enemies telegraph their hits, to the point that they blink and make a noise just when you should try to dodge them. Even though Honkai might seem so easy at first that learning this dodge is unnecessary, in later stages it’s absolutely crucial to surviving, so make sure you practice it at every opportunity.

Energy leaks are good, actually

Every once in a while in Honkai, the main menu will have an extra icon on screen indicating an Energy Leak. Although this sounds bad, it’s actually an indication that there are some bonus crystals up for grabs on select levels.

Whenever you see this icon, make sure to seek out these stages and complete them, even if they are missions you’ve already beaten before. It’s a great opportunity to get your hands on those sweet, sweet crystals without spending a dime.

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