Since the initial announcement all the way back in 2019, we've not heard an awful lot about Homeworld Mobile. But now, there appears to be some movement as the game's first regional beta test is now live.

It's currently limited to Canada and Android devices, but it's a good sign that development is progressing well. The developers added that additional regions and countries will get access to the game over the next year, so it might not be too long before you can head out to conquer space.

In addition to the beta announcement, the developers have released some new combat footage. You can check out the latest trailer in the embedded video below. It looks to be shaping up quite nicely, and the YouTube comments seem to be predominately positive, which makes for a surprising change to the norm. Sure, there's the odd disparaging comment because it's a mobile game, but this is the internet, after all.

If you're unfamiliar with Homeworld Mobile, it is an MMO strategy game that follows the Hiigarans as they look beyond their galaxy in search of a new home in uncharted space. It promises real-time strategy combat that lets you take control of spaceship carriers, interceptors, and destroyers.

Homeworld Mobile will release on the App Store and Google Play at some stage. However, since the game is currently in beta testing, we're not sure when that will be. So stay tuned as we'll endeavour to update you as and when we learn more.

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