After unleashing a zombie hoard and devastating Terra Firma in State of Survival, FunPlus has decided to turn their hand to the seas, with their pirate adventure Sea of Conquest now available in soft launch for Google Play. Unfortunately, iOS players will have to wait a little longer to hit the high seas.

Players will start their stories in Pirate’s Paradise, deep in the heart of the Devil’s Sea, a charming-sounding location. As the Great Captain, it will be all up to you how you tackle the seas with the option to find undiscovered locations, plunder unimaginable treasure, and perhaps shoot a Kraken or two right in the face.

As you progress through the journey you can customise your ship exactly how you like it. Upgrade and retrofit cabins, select your favourite Figurehead, and craft your own pirate cabins, which leads you to the next job; filling them. Recruiting new pirates is vital to success, so make sure to keep your eye out for some legends of the water.

There is no set path through Sea of Conquest, and even if there was, you’re a pirate, who can stop you? Those seeking glory can tackle the Hero Trails to lead their team to victory, those blessed with the Midas touch can use their mercantile skills and master trade or if you are itching for a fight, take on rival pirates, vicious sea monsters, and even conquer you own port.

Watch your back though, or you may find yourselves on the wrong side of the Pirates Wanted system. Prove too much of a nuisance, or take the pirate smack talk a bit too far, and you can be reported. Stick to calling everyone a scurvy dog though, and things should work out just fine.

Sea of Conquest is available to download in select countries for Google Play, so follow the link and roll the dice. The global rollout will take place this autumn, to really catch those blistering breezes.

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