HitNut (otherwise known as HitNut: I Need This Nut!) is a newly released runner that casts you as a squirrel who's desperate to nab some precious nuts. A pesky eagle has gone and nicked the lot, so you head off on a grand adventure to reclaim what's yours.

And know that you're not any old squirrel, no sir, you're a magical flying squirrel, not to be confused with a standard flying squirrel. This gal can soar through the air in style, avoiding trees and other wildlife as she goes. Thankfully, you'll have a friendly bear to help you along the way, who can use his giant club to send you flying.

Smart timing is key to victory here, though you shouldn't expect a particularly challenging experience, with HitNut mostly targeting casual players. As you continue to progress, you'll collect gems that can then be used to upgrade your squirrel and unlock her hidden superpowers.

HitNut is now available for download as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play. It seems like it could be a decent time, provided you still get a kick out of runners and don't mind a more casual experience.

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