In a bit of outstanding news for puzzle fans, solo developer Christoph Minnameier has announced that his hit puzzle game, Dungeons of Dreadrock, will be receiving a huge expansion this year. Planned to match the length of the original story, players can expect to be met with a hoard of new fiendishly deceptive puzzles to work their way through.

If you have yet to play Dungeons of Dreadrock then you are sincerely missing out, it is an incredibly captivating puzzle game you can grab for free. The story centres on the protagonist, a young girl, entering the titular dungeon in order to rescue her brother after he enters to defeat the evil Dead King and doesn’t emerge for some time.

The puzzles are simple on the face of it, however, you will be tried and tested by some of the cleverest puzzles in mobile gaming. It is no wonder in around a year the game has amassed over one million players, and cracked the Top 10 iOS Metacritic games list for 2023. It even sat as a finalist for the PocketGamer people’s choice award, and that is a damn fine company.

Happily, the developer of this puzzling powerhouse has announced that Episode 2 is currently in production. Entitled The Dead King’s Secret, it will contain a further 100 levels to work your way through. Interestingly, you will not control the same protagonist as originally. The title could suggest you play as a younger Dead King to perhaps learn about his past, but this is just a theory.

Another interesting development is the announcement that the Clamavi de Profundis choir is creating music for the game. They have over 200 million Youtube views which is no small number, however, the first episode of Dungeons of Dreadrock was very thin on the music front, so it will be interesting to see how the developers plan to deploy audio this time around.

To make sure you are up to date before Episode 2 launches in December, download Dungeons of Dreadrock now on the App Store and Google Play.

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