Headshot Heroes guide - How to get more coins and higher scores

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 9th, 2015
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Headshot Heroes is the latest addictive button masher from Chillingo. Your objective is simple - pass around the opposition and score a goal. Here are some great tips and tricks to get you started.

Remember the different types of shot

The simplest way to score is to pass the ball past the keeper, but you won't earn many coins so focus on head shots and perfect shots instead.

Perfect shots involve hitting the ball at the exact moment your strength bar is at 100% while head shots are the same but require you to hit the goalkeeper with the shot. The result is pretty messy in a cartoony kind of way.

While headshots give you a bigger coin bonus the more you do them against the same team, both head shots and perfect shots give you a time bonus during your next match.

Keep scoring multiple head shots in a row and that bonus gets even bigger!

Focus on your objectives

Work towards completing challenges, which usually involve getting combos or scoring headshots and perfect shots. In either case, you’ll be richly rewarded!

Watching adverts might be boring, but you'll get free coins, so we recommend doing so when you get the option as the reward is fairly substantial.

Headshot Heroes is pretty good at nudging you towards freebies or enticing you into checking out new unlocks.


Knowing when to upgrade a team or switch to a whole new one is a tricky balancing act.

I’d suggest you keep working your way up to new teams wherever possible early on. You’ll eventually plateau and need to stop to upgrade the most expensive team for a while, until you unlock a new one.

Got a tip or trick you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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