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Posted by Amy Solomon on April 10th, 2012
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Happykids - Veterinarian is a charming interactive game application for iPad that allows children to care for six animals with various ailments. Both iPad as well as iPhone versions of this app are available.

Intuitive to use, children simply tap an animal in the clinic waiting room where players then engage an x-ray machine that with the use of bulls-eyes, shows areas of the animal that need some attention. With four mini-games for each animal, this app is is great for toddlers and early preschoolers, as older children may find this app charming, but too easy to succeed at all the games quite quickly.

The mini-games themselves are cute and fun including activities such as dot-to-dot connecting that reveals animal thoughts, such as a dog thinking about a bone, being able to tap to kill fleas found in animal fur or mending broken bones by dragging them to their correct outlines seen on another included x ray.

Sometimes these sections may revolve around a maze or simple puzzle, other times health checks are in order, dragging a stethoscope to an animal's chest to hear its heartbeat, using a thermometer to take a creature’s temperature or using a blood pressure cuff. General grooming is also commonplace, such as trimming a bird's wings or a dog's nails as well as brushing its fur.

The look of this app is really cute, and I like being able to treat birds as well as dogs and cats.

This app does have elements rather similar to another doctor-themed application my son enjoys, but I don’t see a conflict for us as my son can work with either or both applications depending on his mood of being a baby or animal doctor.

This is the first application of its kind from developer William Paten. We have enjoyed this very nice application, and I look forward to see if Paten develops other apps that focus on imaginative play as this one is quite enjoyable.

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