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Oh hi there! We just wanted to pop in to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas. It's been a great year for iOS gaming, and we're so glad that you've chosen 148Apps to be your go-to site for all the comings and goings in the mobile world. We also hope you've had as much fun this year as we have.

It's been a pretty awesome year for new games, new hardware, and new ideas. We've seen huge games coming to mobile, and found new favorites that we weren't expecting. But that's the joy of the App Store - every week there's something new, and almost every week there's something great.

We'll be dropping content onto the site between now and when we return for the new year on January 2nd, so make sure you keep checking back between now and then. Then get ready for January, because we're going to be hitting the ground running in 2018.

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