Most media involving zombie apocalypses has people trying to survive the hordes of undead using any available weapon they can find, from sticks to rifles, along with what may be the most powerful weapon: the perseverance of the human spirit. Limbic's new game Zombie Gunship surmises that there is a more powerful weapon in the fight against the undead hordes, however: a powerful gunship loaded to the teeth with deadly zombie-splattering ordinance.

That's right, in the zombie apocalypse of Zombie Gunship, the player gets to protect a bunker of surviving humans, and the ones trying to get in, from a horde of oncoming zombies. The player sits behind the turret of a gunship circling the area around a bunker. The goal is to keep any zombies from getting in while trying not to kill the civilians getting in. Increasingly large waves of zombies start to attack, and eventually different types of zombies start to attack, including giant hulking zombie enemies. High scores are the name of the game here, as there's currently just one map with one bunker to try to defend. The game could well use other maps with features like different paths for the zombies to try to advance down, and perhaps multiple bunker entry points to protect - perhaps in future updates?

While playing, the game alerts players as to when they exceed their Game Center friends' high scores. Money is earned while playing, which can be used to the powerful 40mm Bofors Gun, and 105mm Howitzer, and upgrades to all the guns to improve damage radius, reloading speed, and firing rate. For players who despise waiting, additional coins can be purchased in the app to buy upgrades right away.

Zombie Gunship is an interesting new take on zombie survival, combining the latest in military destructive technology with the hordes of the undead. Check it out on the App Store starting July 21st.

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