If you've played Halfbrick's Monster Dash, you will be aware of the game's wisecracking protagonist, Barry Steakfries. What you may not be aware of is that Monster Dash is not the character's debut - he first appeared in a PSN Minis game called Age of Zombies, that was a top-down shooter that involved time traveling and snarky humor. Why am I telling you this? Because iOS gamers will get to experience this game for themselves this October.

Age of Zombies is a dual-stick shooter (although coming from the PSP, this is the first time it will actually be controlled with dual sticks), that has you killing zombies across various time periods, from the age of dinosaurs to samurai Japan, all the way to the future and all with zombies. The game is level-based, but there is a survival mode for each time period that you can play in once you beat each age's boss. Assuming it is unchanged from the PSN Mini, you can expect plenty of hilarious (and occasionally profane) dialogue to set up the game's ridiculous story, and plenty of humorous Barry Steakfries one-liners, which are actually spoken by the character, instead of being just lines of text as in Monster Dash.

What is most interesting about Age of Zombies for iOS is that it is Halfbrick's first universal app, with graphics in high-resolution for the iPad. While it is unknown if it will also support Retina Display graphics, the game's interface and menus have been redesigned for the iOS touchscreens. As well, the game now features global leaderboards, a feature not present in the PSN version. With a nebulous release date of 'October,' fans of Monster Dash's protagonist and fans of twin-stick shooters will likely want to keep an eye out for Age of Zombies for iOS.

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