Today, Itatake has released the first major update for their colourful action game, Gumslinger. It introduces a bunch of new content and features to the title, including duels against bosses. These fierce opponents include Lobster Bob, Boss Orc and Reaper Boss.

Now, when battling your way through sweet jelly foes, you might be able to challenge one of these bosses. If you accept and manage to best them in wobbly combat, you will net yourself a big reward.

In addition to these tough showdowns, a few other changes have also been made to Gumslinger. The idle mode has received improvements whilst players can now collect three new Gumslinger characters, experience another level, and enjoy several additional celebrations and K.O effects.

Since the game first launched around a year ago, it has received regular, though small, updates. The latest brings the largest quantity of new content so far as the developers gear up for another year of Gumslinging action.

Discussing the update and future changes, Itatake’s Mattias Granat said: “Since we keep a lot of players for a long time and still attract new ones, this update is an important step for us to prepare the game for coming updates. Adding more features will make the game even better and more valuable for both existing and new players.”

They added: “We are planning to add more features in our coming updates and always listen to our players to get a grip of what they want and how we should prioritize everything.”

Gumslinger is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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