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Posted by Blake Grundman on October 7th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Golf is one of those wonderfully frustrating sports that can take you from glee to tears - or elation to frustration - in a matter of a single stroke.  Though I am a crummy golfer at best, I have seen many a man become victim to the course and eventually their own psyche.  That is the beauty of the sport; many would say it is just as much mental as it is physical, because it is based on perfecting a set of motions and duplicating them consistently, time after time.  This is why I am such a mediocre golfer, my complete and total lack of consistency and a level of focus that rivals a chipmunk.

So what can you do to improve bad form or lack of training?  While some would sink immense amounts of time and absurd volumes of money on lessons with a golf pro, I don't make enough money for that to seem even remotely feasible.  Fortunately, the new app iSlice will help you perfect your form either on and off the links, no down payment required.  The software is so effective that it has even landed a pseudo-celebrity endorsement!
“Duncan is one of the best young coaches in Australia, he has had great success teaching golfers of all abilities and now brings this expertise to the iPhone to help fix your slice. The most critical component for teaching success is for the student to be able to feel the correct moves, by practicing with your iPhone you will finally know what the Pros feel like” -- Neil Simpson, Head Professional and Coach to US PGA Tour Player Nick O’Hern

Combining both the instructional videos included with the app and the tools that the software provides, you will be making a dramatic step towards improving your game exponentially.  I must say that a product like this might make me consider going out for a few rounds in the spring, well as long as I can practice with iSlice until then.  Unfortunately there isn't an automatic mulligan app, because it would take something ridiculously expensive to undo the massive amount of suck that my game possess.

I'll leave you with a sample of one of the video tutorials.  Do you think something like this could work for you?

iSlice Golf

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
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