Sorry mobile racing fans -- GRID Autosport has been delayed a few months. The game is now expected to launch this fall on iOS.

Feral Interactive announced that they wanted more time to work on the game's UI and overall performance before launching the game. Considering the game's premium price tag, the team wanted to make sure that they would be releasing a quality game.

GRID Autosport landed on PC and consoles back in 2014 and was received with generally warm critical praise. A competitive street racer, GRID Autosport sees you building up a racing career, managing both your car, your skills, and even the business aspects of the sport. You won't go far if you can't keep those sponsors happy. It'll be interesting to see how the multi-layered gameplay translates to mobile platforms.

There was some good news tucked into Feral's press release, though. GRID Autosport will be comingto certain Android devices later in the year.

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