KOG Games has announced that a new character has arrived in their popular free-to-play RPG GrandChase. This SR 5-star hero is called Harpe, and players can add him to their roster for free as part of an ongoing pre-registration event.

He can be obtained by anyone who pre-registered by logging into the game and using the code sent to their email inbox. New and Returning players can also claim Harpe by signing up before July 19th.

To celebrate his arrival, several in-game events will take place. For instance, players can net themselves Soul Essences for Soul Imprint upgrades by simply logging into GrandChase. Additionally, if players include Harpe in their line-up, they will receive double the usual rewards in Adventure Dungeons.

The character himself is a Mage Hero who wields a magical sword called the Wraith Reaper. His abilities deliver explosive AoE damage and deliver a barrage of magic attacks. Meanwhile, he's also capable of increasing his party's damage output and reducing the punishment enemies can dish out.

As for his backstory, at a young age, Harpe was inducted into a secret organisation called Existor and told to serve Ronan, the young master of the Erudo family. The pair were inseparable until one day Harpe was taken hostage by Ashtaroth and eventually died. His story didn't end there, however.

He found himself in the Underworld, with his memories gone. MyungHwarin, the Queen of the Underworld, noticed his potential and appointed him as her personal attendant and bodyguard. One day, Ronan managed to restore his memories, and now Harpe patiently awaits the day the pair can be reunited.

GrandChase is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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