Gordon Ramsay DASH: Guide to upgrading appliances and food

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on July 1st, 2016
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If we've learned anything about celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay over the years, it's that you don't want him angry and breathing down your neck. He's not above calling you out on TV, making a mockery of your efforts in the kitchen in front of millions of people.

In his new game, Gordon Ramsay DASH, he's actually pretty complimentary of your cooking efforts -- provided you get orders right and serve customers efficiently. The road to doing that is paved with upgrades, as you'll need both better food and improved appliances to become a true 'Rising Star Chef.'

To make sure you avoid Chef Ramsay's wrath, we've put together a quick guide to upgrading appliances and food so your restaurant is always as prepared as it can be for any challenge.

Why and how to upgrade appliances

As with most cooking games, success in Gordon Ramsay DASH means being able to balance a series of tasks, all of which take different amounts of time and resources. Once the customers start coming in fast, you've got to be able to have several things going on at once or have some food in reserve ready to go -- and sometimes both.

An upgrade to an appliance like your Grill, Grill Storage or Fryer can make your life easier in one of several ways:

  • Speed - Makes the appliance faster, perhaps the most important quality once things get hectic.
  • Burn - Reduces the time it takes food to burn, helping to avoid waste.
  • Capacity - Either holds more prepared food like the Grill Storage or allows you to have more items prepared and ready to go, like the Cola Dispenser, and is helpful either way.

To purchase appliance upgrades, simply hit the icon in the bottom-left corner of the main game screen that looks like a little shop. A list of potential appliance upgrades will be the first thing you see, and tapping on different choices will display the cost -- typically both coins and gold are needed -- as well as the effect the next upgrade on any piece of equipment will have.

Why and how to upgrade food

The reason for getting better food is even simpler: It earns you more money. Using upgraded ingredients means that every dish made with those items will have the customers leaving bigger tips, allowing you to make money faster and increase your chances of completing an episode with the full number of stars.

Food upgrades are accessed through the same general menu as appliances, and you'll see a tab for food that you can select on the left-hand side. Pick your item and go to town.

How to determine what to upgrade next

With limited resources of coins and gold, it can sometimes be tricky to determine what to spend it on next. That's especially true since you don't know what dishes or obstacles the next episode will introduce until you actually play it.

The best way to play it safe is to simply follow what Gordon Ramsay DASH suggests as the next upgrade. You're free to ignore it and spend your coins and gold on whatever you like, but going along with the recommendations will tend to keep you as updated as your current situation allows at any given time. And that means you're less apt to hear Gordon Ramsay tear into you on your phone or tablet.

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