Oh Google Talk, why must you be so ugly and boring? There is nothing more mind numbing than looking at the same bland and mundane instant messenger interface, day after day. Unfortunately there aren't really any options that provide a unique visual experience, especially in the mobile space. Well that was at least the case until Crisp App's new tool Chat for GTalk hit the App Store on Saturday.

Sure, there may be other applications out there that will let you use Google Talk on the go, but none that feature the aesthetic style and customizable interface of Chat for GTalk.  Do you like awesome cars? What about medieval script? It would probably be safe to say that the app has a pre-designed template that will appeal to just about everyone.  Even those wanting to look at a more muted and traditional IM configuration will be pleased.

So what are you waiting for?  A new experience in mobile messaging is a mere ninety-nine cents away!

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