Last month Google introduced the ability to edit Google Docs directly from your iOS device. While the feature was welcomed by many users, they also quickly found it to be rather limited, and not really a true Google Docs experience. That issue has now been rectified, at least on the iPad, as Google has updated their service to allow for full desktop editing control on the tablet. This includes the ability to change fonts and formatting as well as insert formulas and tables, just like you can with your home computer.

In order to access the service users must first mosey over to the Google Docs homepage via the iPad's Safari browser and then sign in as usual. You should then see all your docs pop up just like they always do and you can begin editing, formatting and doing all the other things you're accustomed to doing on your home computer. One word of warning though, Google is reminding everyone that the browser editor still isn't as powerful as the PC version so some bugs, glitches and other hiccups are to be expected. Folks experiencing troubles are also invited to head back into the standard mobile version, as it is specifically built for iOS devices.

When the mobile version of Google Docs launched, we were already excited - this news only sweetens the deal. While it's nice to be able to edit documents and spreadsheets from our devices the service isn't exactly all we dreamed it would be. Now, with this new browser version we get all the tools we're familiar with easily accessible on the iPad. Once the bugs all get worked out we may never need to access Google Docs from our computers again, what a glorious day that will be.

[via Electronista]

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