Goodbye Passbook, Hello Wallet

Posted by Rob Rich on June 8th, 2015

Today's WWDC keynote has been full of all sorts of Apple announcements, including a fair few for Apple Pay and Passbook.

Aside from the expected news of more places using the service, it was also announced that Square will be rolling out a new piece of hardware that will allow sellers to accept Apple Pay - in addition to credit and debit cards, of course. Pinterest is also going to embrace Apple Pay later this month by allowing users to check out pins for various items, then buy them directly from inside the app itself. And finally (perhaps most importantly depending on where you live), Apple Pay is coming to the UK next month, complete with the option to pay for public transportation in London.

On the other end of things, Passbook is finally going to allow users to store membership and reward card information. Not only that, the app will automatically detect the store for you when you make a purchase using Apple Pay and pull up the appropriate rewards card for you. And because of all these additional options, Apple will be changing the app's name to Wallet. It's simple but also to the point, I think.

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