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Would you like to know what we thought of being an infinite golfer? Check out our Golfinity review!

Golfinity offers unlimited ways to test your skills at golf. Here are a few ways to make sure your score doesn't get too high and your spirits don't get too low.

Considering Perspective is Crucial

  • Yes, Golfinity is most easily compared to Desert Golfing, but did you know the devs from NimbleBit have described the game as Desert Golfing meets Monument Valley? That being said, occasionally the game will present some differences in depth that seem deliberately confusing. When in doubt about these changes, play it safe, be prepared to get a bad score, or get ready to retry.

  • On the flipside, there will be times when a level presents no depth changes or holes. This is typically toward the beginning of the game. When presented with courses like these, don't fear the power of your stroke. Hitting the ball super-hard generally won't knock it out of bounds, and it might be just what you need to ricochet right past some annoying obstacles.

  • Always look carefully at the course your dealing with. Golfinity makes it really easy to just jump into the next level swinging, but don't be overly tempted to do so. Courses can be tricky, and making sure you tap the lower left corner of the screen to get a good look at the whole course can save you from some poor initial strokes.

Rookie Mistakes

  • Don't be tempted to touch the screen right where the ball is. You can begin angling your shot from anywhere on the screen, so don't handicap your ability to put the right amount of strength into a shot. Instead, line up how you want to take your shot, then begin dragging from the spot that makes the most sense for the power you want.

  • Going in line with that, don't put your finger anywhere near the screen until you're ready to shoot. Once you've touched the screen there's no going back. You have to play the shot as your finger is placed.

  • The guide line's power rating gets more accurate the shorter the distance. For example, if you stretch the guide line way out, the ball is going to go much further than the line illustrates. But, if you don't stretch it out very far (like when you're very close to the hole), the ball more or less goes to the exact distance of the line.


  • Once you get used to Golfinity and want to try driving your score down, use landmarks to line up your shot trajectories. Whether your landmark is the approximate length of the guide line as compared to the screen or if you lined the shot up with a certain part of the course's architecture, pay attention to it. If you miss or have to retry, you have a general understanding of how much power is too much or too little after remembering the way you shot before.

  • Going off of the above tip - if you're retrying shots, it makes sense to begin your shots from about the same place each time. This will make sure that the way you lined things up stays pretty consistent, and golf is all about consistency.

Final Words

  • To top it all off, the most important thing to remember about Golfinity is that it's infinite. No matter how well or poorly you do on any given hole, there's literally an endless amount of holes to play for you to drive your score down. To avoid frustration with the game, don't try to retry every hole for a hole-in-one. If you do that, you're slowing yourself down on a journey that never ends.

  • Just keep golfin'

GOLFINITY - An Endless Free Golf Game

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2014-11-13 :: Category: Game


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