Neowiz has launched Golf Impact, a new competitive sports game for iOS and Android devices.

Golf Impact takes you around the globe as you compete in intense 1v1 competitive golf matches. It has an easy to learn, hard to master approach to the gameplay experience, where you step into a thrilling world tour to compete against other players for big prizes as well as levelling up your clubs as you travel the world.

Golf Impact features world locations that takes you to the likes of the Maldives, Fiji, Paris and New York, where you can also pick up more powerful clubs to take on even greater challenges. These golf clubs all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and therefore it becomes important to find the right one for the right course.

Neowiz describes Golf Impact as a first-class golf game, featuring highly detailed graphics and exciting 1v1 matches.

While you golf in many locations across the world, including North America, France and Fiji, there’s also a realistic weather system present in Golf Impact with which you can play golf in a delightful ambience under the cover of rain or fog.

If you’re a competitive type, Golf Impact features a weekly championship to take part in where you aim to become the best golfer. Participating in this event each week will give you the chance to earn gold, golf clubs, balls and more depending on how high you are ranked.

That’s not all, as for a limited time you can redeem the code ‘GOLFIMPACT’ in the game’s settings in-game to obtain a special welcome package with many rewards, including 2000 Gold, 100 Gems, Feather (Ball) x 5, Rose (Ball) x 5, Clover (Ball) x 5, Vega (Ball) x 3, Spica (Ball) x 3, and Super Rookie (Ball) x 3.

Golf Impact is available now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play game containing adverts and in-app purchases.

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