From the team behind Subway Surfers, with help from internet investor Klaus Lovgreen, comes GivingTales:an app offering a modernised version of classic Hans Christian Andersen tales. And it currentlyfeatures the voices of such talent as Sir Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Fry, and Dame Joan Collins.

The free-to-download version includes Sir Roger Moore’s reading of "The Princess and the Pea," with further stories available for $3.99. Each story is a short, animated envisioning of the classic tales, making them ideal for young and old alike. Besides being rather charming and great for entertaining kids, there’s an extra reason for paying: 30% of the proceeds are going to UNICEF. The charity helps to create a better world for children via vaccination, education, protection, and food.

We were fortunate enough to have a brief chat with James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore, to learn about how he got involved with the project.

148apps: What made you want to get involved with GivingTales?

Sir Roger Moore (SRM): Klaus (Lovgreen) and my son Christian were friends, and they suggested the idea of a fun story-telling app that could also raise funds for UNICEF. Knowing that I had been appointed a Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador on the 200th anniversary of his birth, it seemed very appropriate [that] Hans Christian Andersen stories should be chosen. I have been a UNICEF Ambassador for almost 25 years too, and the chance to raise awareness and funds to help save children’s lives was something I could not miss out on.

148apps: Do you have a favourite Hans Christian Andersen story?

SRM: I’d say most probably "The Ugly Duckling," plus "The Emperor’s New Clothes" stretched my imagination. I have a great soft spot for "The Princess and the Pea" too, which is why I chose it as the first story I recorded for GivingTales.

148apps: What do you think it is about Hans Christian Andersen’s tales that have meant they’ve remained so popular?

SRM: They are simply universally popular with children and adults alike as they appeal on so many levels. They entertain too - which is the most important aspect for any story!

Thanks to Sir Roger Moore for answering our questions.

GivingTales is out now. It’s charming and all for a great cause, so it’s worth checking out.

GivingTales - Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales

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Released: 2015-06-18 :: Category: Game


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