Amy Solomon is our lead writer over at sister site GiggleApps. Here Amy looks back at five years of kids apps and shares her favorites.

Toca Tea Party - A must-have for children as this app for iPad allows them to play tea party with other dolls, stuffed toys or people, charmingly intuitive as users share digital food and drinks - excellent for fostering creative role play and social interaction.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - Based on the short film of the same name about a man writing the book of his life, his adventure through a natural disaster, and the love of books and reading. The look of this app - a mix of both black and white as well as a rich use of color - will be impressive to all, as will the varied interactions which work seamlessly within this story to create moments adults will find possibly more touching than their children.

Rounds: Franklin Frog - A perfectly realized non-fiction storybook about the life cycle of a frog. Impressively illustrated and surprisingly moving, this app is rich in interactive moments, frog facts, and biology basics.

Zachy the Robot: The Leaning Tower of Robocity - A wonderful blend of cartoony storytelling and thoughtful interactive educational content that brings basic engineering concepts to devices as children help robot workers who have the task of fixing buildings and other objects that are on the verge of collapse.

The Poppin Princess - a flatulence-themed tale that may not be for all families, yet this is a perfectly-realized storybook in every way, creating a modern classic with great elegance, sophistication, and a lovely moral about being yourself.

I hope to see more children's apps developed that will encourage children to learn, build and create and explore.

Find more of our favorite apps over at the Best App Ever Facebook page for our #AppStoreTurns5 special.

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