Gigantic X guide - Tips and tricks for beginners

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 5th, 2019
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Gigantic X has only been out for a little over a week, but it’s shaping up to be the mobile loot shooter of our dreams. That said, it’s not exactly the most friendly game out there. We noted in our review that you need to invest some time in the game to really understand what’s going on.

To help with that, we’ve put together a handy dandy beginner’s guide. These tips should set you well on your way in Gigantic X from the outset. See below for tips:

Pick a main

Gigantic X puts you in control of three powerful mercenaries, but that doesn’t mean you have to juggle upgrading all of them at once. In fact, this is the exact opposite thing you should be doing.

Picking one merc and sticking with them is definitely how you should approach Gigantic X, for a variety of reasons. First, you’ll be able to get a more powerful character faster. Sticking with a single character also allows you to get a good amount of practice in with a character you’re familiar with, which helps on challenging Underworld and Frontline missions.

There are occasionally times when the Underworld might offer missions where you have to play as a specific character, so it might be nice to grind some basic gear for your alternate characters, but by no means should you feel the need to invest time and resources into them.

Use the shooting range

One of the most exciting moments in Gigantic X is when you finally get to craft a shiny new weapon. The only problem is, it can be hard to know if you’ll like how the weapon shoots before you craft it. That’s where the shooting range comes in.

The shooting range is available in Gigantic X’s Training menu, and it lets you mix and match all kinds of weapons so you can test them out for yourself before you spend precious resources on making them. There have already been a couple times in my time with Gigantic X where I’ve tested a gun and decided against crafting it because I didn’t like how it felt. Make sure you do the same so you don’t end up investing in guns that don’t work for you.

Go straight for tier 5 gear

When crafting either weapons or armor in Gigantic X, you have the option to craft either tier 4 or tier 5 gear. Whenever possible, try to see if you can hold out to craft tier 5 gear. Tier 5 gear is better in every way, and all you need to do to get it is grind the same missions you do for tier 4 gear currency, but for twice as long.

Skipping the 4th tier might hold back your character’s power temporarily, but you’ll ultimately save a boatload of materials if you can hold out and save for the higher tier. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Run Underworld when out of fuel

The main pinch point in Gigantic X’s free-to-play design is its fuel system. You use fuel whenever you go on most missions, with the exception of Underworld missions.

Underworld is a kind of special challenge mode that usually ranks players on a leaderboard to determine what levels of rewards you get from these missions. To encourage players to repeat them, there are no fuel costs for any Underworld missions. So, if you find yourself playing an extended session of Gigantic X, burn up your fuel before heading to the Underworld. That way, you can at least be idly earning more fuel while you bang away at its challenges.

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