Giant Robots are Invading SimCity BuildIt, Along with Upgradeable Disasters

Posted by Rob Rich on May 18th, 2015
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The latest update for SimCity BuildIt is out, and it's going to make an absolute mess of your city.

Dr. Vu's Tower has long been a source of dread (and some much-needed income) for SimCity BuildIt players, and now both of those things are about to get worse (and better). The newest update will allow you to upgrade the Tower in order to unlock three new distaster types - a giant tornado, a giant lightning storm, and giant robots - as well as make disasters more disaster-y in order to reap more reconstruction rewards.

Other additions include road upgrades like street cars and boulevards, more achievements, four new Houses of Worship, and the ability to collect rewards from Sims' speech and thought bubbles when visiting other mayors' cities. Well, that plus you get the dirt on what your friend's Sims really think of their city management skills.

The new update for SimCity BuildIt is available now for free, but beware the giant robots.

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