Dust off your phones that you are probably reading this on, and get ready for some absurdist fun as Jackbox Party Pack 10 releases this October. Gather some funds and take part in five new games, including a return of one fan favourite, just in time to put on a hilarious Halloween party.

Tee K.O 2 will take players back to the fan-favourite Tee Shirt Island to draw the ultimate shirt for everyone to vote on. Even if you can’t draw, Jackbox games always reward ingenuity and humour. You will have new drawing tools, and the ability to use different fonts, or you can even choose different garments like a hoodie.

If you prefer a test of trivia, or perhaps more accurately, memory then jump into a time machine with Jerri Rigg as you play TimeJinx. You will travel back through the years, navigate your way through a time loop and save a historical figure from their doppelganger by answering questions like the first American woman in space or fixing the names of famous books.

Hynotorious continues in this intellectual vein but with a bit more mystery. Every player is assigned a secret character out of a certain theme. Such as Dogs, Cats or Mice, and must answer questions as that character. After a round, everyone must group up with the others in their category, however, there is one Outlier on their own. If you want to score the big points, you need to identify this rogue, but even they don’t know who they are.

For pure chaos, FixyText is a writing game masquerading as a team event. Players are given a prompt, and then all respond to it at the same time, with no backspace or autocorrection, resulting in a hilarious thread of utter nonsense. Write the best gibberish and earn the most votes to win.

Finally, we have a Jackbox first, with Dodo Re Mi being the first musical game published. Each player will be assigned an instrument to play and will have to perform a rendition of a familiar tune or a new original to placate an incredibly hungry plant waiting to make a meal out of the tone-deaf.

Get your phone ready for when Jackpack Party Pack 10 releases on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. Only one player needs to own the game, and all everyone else needs to take part is your mobile.

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