If you're an Apple Mac owner, you're probably aware of the host of Apple productivity apps the company includes in all new Mac purchases. Apps like iMovie, Keynote, and of course, GarageBand. While you used to be able to also buy these apps individually, they are now free on the Apple App Store.

Normally, new iOS and Mac OS devices come with these apps pre-installed. However, if you purchased an Apple device before September 2013, these apps aren't free. Instead, would-be musicians who wanted access to apps like GarageBand would have to pay $4.99 for the app, or $9.99 for apps like Pages and Keynote.

However, now users can get these apps for free, whether or not you recently purchased an Apple device or not. This means that users can now get Apple's previously $19.99 productivity suite, iWork, for free. Mac users now have a good alternative to Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or a host of other productivity suites available online, all for the low cost of free.

For Mac OS, iWork and iMovie will work with versions 10.11.2 or newer, 10.10 for GarageBand, while iWork will work with iOS devices running 10.0 or newer, iMovie with 9.3 onward, and GarageBand with version 10.2.

Check out Apple's productivity apps on the Apple App Store for the free downloads.

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