It's no longer a matter of if you'll be taking care of all your financial transactions via smartphone, but when. And now that we've seen the Geode we're thinking that day might be arriving very soon. The smart wallet, which is also a phone case, may be the most sophisticated, useful smart wallet ever created, and we're awaiting its launch with baited breath.

First off, Geode isn't tied to just one credit card or online service, but rather allows users to scan all their credit cards, loyalty cards and more right into the case's companion app. The process is painless, using the included reader to swipe cards with magnetic strips or the iPhone's built-in camera to snap the barcode of loyalty cards. From there, using your cards is as simple as tapping on the one you want, the e-ink reader on the Geode displays the barcode for scanning by merchants, and if you need a physical card you can pull the Geode card out of the case, which is temporarily loaded with your chosen credit card's info.

Most important of all the Geode is secure, utilizing a biometric fingerprint scanner to ensure that you and you alone have access to your credit cards. So now, even if your virtual wallet is stolen there's no threat of the bad guys going on a shopping spree.

The Geode will go on sale soon at a somewhat steep price of $199. Those who want to get in early and get a discount though can head over to the product's Kickstarter page and pre-order a Geode, along with a few other goodies. So, who's up for grabbing what may be a potentially revolutionary device?

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