With every new update, Genshin Impact presents new characters. Hoyoverse seems to be adding a new character every time, with Kamisato Ayato being the latest addition. Updates frequently introduce new monsters, which can be just as thrilling as new additions to the playable lineup. The long-awaited Raiden Shogun boss domain has arrived in Genshin Impact update 2.6.

According to a recent Genshin Impact leak, Scaramouche, the 6th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, will soon be introduced as a new boss. The leak also hints that he will be included in the future major update, embracing the addition of a new main nation. It has led many players to anticipate Scaramouche will feature as a playable character.

Rumors have also surfaced about Dendro Archon and Collei, two characters who will appear shortly after Sumeru's debut. Scaramouche has appeared in previous versions of the game on several occasions. He initially appeared in the Unreconciled Stars event in Version 1.1. According to Ubatcha1, he will most likely join in Version 3.2 by the end of November.

Scaramouche might be a 5-star character

Scaramouche will almost certainly be a five-star character who uses the Catalyst. That would make him one of just two male Catalyst users, with Shikanoin Heizou being the other. The most intriguing aspect of Scaramouche is that, despite appearing several times in the game's storyline, players are still unaware of his elemental type.

As per recent rumours, he'll have his boss domain in 3.2 before joining the Traveler's party. He was supposed to be the carrier of the Electro Gnosis, which would have made him The Electro Archon. However, things have altered since then, and further information is still pending.

Whatever the case may be, given the excitement surrounding him and his mysterious nature, it is safe to conclude that he will make a big splash in the community.

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