Genshin Impact Guide - How to Beat Pyro Regisvine

Posted by Campbell Bird on October 19th, 2020
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The end game of Genshin Impact largely revolves around spending resin to take on world bosses and clear domain challenges. These fights grant amazing rewards like rare artifacts and ascension materials for weapons and adventurers, but obviously only if you're up for the challenge.

This guide will teach you how to beat Pyro Regisvine, a nasty little flame flower that lives in a cave between Luhua Pool and Tianqiu Valley. Defeating it is a a must for anyone using pyro adventurers, and key for anyone looking for powerful Gladiator's Finale artifacts. With these tips, you should be able to make quick work of this fight.

Bring some water

As a fire-based boss, consider bringing a hyrdo adventurer with you to this battle. An easy pick is Barbara, as she provides some good healing and all of her normal attacks produce hyrdro damage. She definitely won't give you the damage per second to single-handedly beat the Pyro Regisvine, but her role is important nonetheless.

This is because the Pyro Regisvine has an elemental shield that you need to break before being able to deal real damage to it. When its shield is active, the Regisvine has one of two weakpoints you can attack to break the shield. One of these is on a bloom at the base of the vine, and the other is its head.

When the weakpoint is at the base of the creature, you can simply attack continuously (preferably with hyrdo attacks) to make short work of it. When it's on its head, you have to wait until the Regisvine pounds the ground with its face in order to deal damage to it. To maximize time for attacking the head, simply dash through the ground pound to avoid damage and knockback, freeing you to take some shots at the head while it's lowered.

Dodging fire rain

At certain points while fighting Pyro Regisvines, the creature will perform an attack that rains fire down upon you. These projectiles can be tough to dodge if you don't know how to, but are quite easy to avoid if you simply walk in a circle. Check out the gif below for a demonstration.

Other tips

Once the Pyro Regisvine's shield is popped, it collapses on the ground for a brief window of time, during which you should bring all your most powerful attacks down on it. Be careful to dash out of the way when it recovers though, as it immediately does a spinning attack that can deal quite a bit of damage.

When its shield is active, focus more on dodging attacks than attacking the shield. With a hyrdro character, the shield remarkably fragile, so it's more prudent to stay alive and take a little bit of time do clear the boss safely.

If all else fails, consider inviting some co-op friends to help you beat this powerful boss.

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