Genshin Impact Guide - How to beat Anemo Hypostasis

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 27th, 2021
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The end game of Genshin Impact largely revolves around spending resin to take on world bosses and clear domain challenges. These fights grant amazing rewards like rare artifacts and ascension materials for weapons and adventurers, but obviously only if you're up for the challenge.

This guide will teach you how to beat the Anemo Hypostasis, a swirling prism of wind energy tucked away in the Stormbearer Mountains. Defeating the Anemo Hypostasis should be a top priority if you're looking to build up adventurers like Jean, Venti, or the impending Xiao. Luckily, this boss isn't all too hard, provided you know what to look for from this encounter.

Any non-anemo adventurers will do

Unlike other boss fights in Genshin Impact, the Anemo hypostasis doesn't ask for much in terms of team prep. You can bring pretty much anyone to this fight and be just fine, with the only possible exception of Anemo. Still though, if you can do a decent amount of non-elemental damage with any of those characters, you'll still be just fine.

This is all because the Anemo Hypostasis doesn't have any particular tricks up its sleeves for the fight beyond testing your ability to maneuver your characters around the battlefield effectively (more on that later). There's no dps check, flying enemies, or particular elemental reactions you need to have primed to succeed, so bring whoever you feel most comfortable with.

Watch and wait

A lot of the Anemo Hypostasis fight just involves waiting for the prism to drop its protective blocks so you can rush in to attack, so just make sure you feel comfortable with your movement controls to dodge tornadoes that swirl around the stage or dash out of the way of divebomb attacks. If you're not so sure of your ability to do this, you can bring along some tanky characters like Beidou or Diona to take some hits for you.

As you're waiting, you'll always want to make sure you aren't so far from the Hypostasis that when it does drop its guard, you have to spend a lot of time sprinting up to it to begin attacking. You only have a few moments to dish out damage, so if you have any burst characters, this is their time to shine.

Landing the killing blow

The only particularly unique thing about the Anemo Hypostasis fight is when you've brought it within an inch of its life. At this point, the boss will stop what its doing, teleport to the middle of the fight arena and spawn some wind crystals in the air. The Hypostasis is invulnerable during this time, and you'll need to glide using wind gusts to collect all of the crystals to prevent the boss from regenerating health. Once you collect the crystals, it should be an easy path to victory by dodging whatever its final attack is and finishing it off.

If you fail to collect the crystals, don't worry. The Hypostasis will regenerate an amount of health based on how many crystals you gathered and the fight will continue. Once you get it back down to minimal health, it will spawn the crystals you failed to collect until you've made it through this process without any crystals remaining. From there, it's just a matter of chipping down its last bits of health to finish the job.

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