Genies and Gems guide - How to clear those gems fast

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 1st, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

So, you’re bored of crushing candies and rescuing farm animals. How about combining gems and paw prints in order to help a genie’s pet fox traverse a magical world?

That’s the quirky setting for the rather charming Genies and Gems and we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Be sociable

It’s a familiar idea, but make sure you log into Facebook through the game. You earn 25 coins that way, and they can be used to buy five extra moves at the end of a level, which can make all the difference.

You can also request and send lives to your friends too.

Know your goal!

Different levels have different objectives. At first, you’re mainly trying to help Trix the fox get to the treasure, and you do so by matching up paw prints so she makes one step forward for each paw.

Sometimes, those levels are harder as solid blocks are in the way of her progress. Don’t bother clearing paw prints until she has a safe path to negotiate, otherwise you’re just wasting moves.

Another level type has you collecting gold amongst the many pieces of soil on screen. Don’t worry about the tiles that don’t have gold, and instead focus on clearing the important pieces.

In a similar vein to other match three games, some stages have you uncovering treasure pieces. It’s quite a satisfying mode but can be tricky, as you have to focus on specific areas of the screen.

Use the gem types to your advantage

Sure, you can simply match three gems at a time, but you won’t get the big points that way.

If you match four gems in a square shape, you gain a butterfly tile. Once you use a butterfly, it’ll home in on an important piece such as gold or a paw print. Useful, eh?

Match four gems in a line, and you gain a lined special gem. Depending on which direction you match it, it’ll clear an entire horizontal or vertical line of gems for you.

Matched five gems? Impressive. That creates a special gem which will clear all gems of the same color that you match it with. It’s very useful.

Some gems are caged. They can only be liberated if you match them with other gems of the same color, which means they won’t actually be cleared until you do this twice.

Got any tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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