Guardian Stone

Guardian Stone has been in the works for quite some time, but it's finally getting close to a release. But what is it, exactly? Basically it's an adventure RPG where players control one of three characters (a fighter, an archer, and a magic user) and beat the tar out of all sorts of fantasy-ish creatures.

The hook is that these characters can team up with "guardians," which are basically spirits or somesuch and can perform all sorts of incredibly powerful magical attacks. It'a a pretty nice looking game, I have to admit. And the flashy, almost over-the-top animations for the special attacks are pretty darn cool to boot.

Guardian Stone will be soft launching next month, and will most likely be releasing as a free download shortly after that.

The Soul

The Soul, on the other hand, is more of an action RPG. It also takes place during what many gamers probably recognize as the "Three Kingdoms" era (i.e. Dynasty Warriors, but it's not actually a part of the license).

Players get to hack their way through all sorts of enemies, and eventually some pretty recognizable bosses, all in the name of character levels and skills. Technically they're soul powers, but they're totally skills. And there are over 150 of them to collect and decide between.

You should be able to find The Soul on the App Store around the same time as Guardian Stone.

Kill Me Again

And then there's Kill Me Again. I shouldn't be this excited about a match-3 puzzle game, let alone one involving zombies, but I totally am.

Minute details are still being hammered out as the game is still quite a ways away from release, but the basic gist is that players match things in order to attack zombies. The reason this has me all excited is because the action up top looks quite impressive, for one thing, and because the types of combos you set up will pull off flashier (and more damaging) attacks. Sometimes it will also leave special power-ups behind that can be tapped on to trigger other equally flashy moves.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for the production values, but I think Kill Me Again is worth keeping an eye on all the same.

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